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Wendell, New Hampshire

Sullivan county, is bounded N. by Springfield, E. by Sunapee lake, separating it from New London and Newbury, S. by Goshen, W. by Newport and Croydon. It is 35 miles N.W. from Concord and 7 E. from Newport. A considerable part of lake Sunapee, a noble sheet of water, lies in this town. The surface of this lake is said to contain 4,095 acres, of which 2,720 acres are in Wendell. Here is the principal source of Sugar river, which flows from the lake near its centre from north to south; passes through the centre of the town into Newport, from thence into Claremont, where it unites with the Connecticut. There are three small ponds, containing an area of about 300 acres. This town was granted by the name of Saville in 1768. It was settled in 1772, and was incorporated in 1781, when it received its name from John Wendell, one of the principal proprietors. Population, 1830, 637.

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