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Gardiner, Maine

Kennebec county. Gardiner was formerly a part of Pittston, and lies on the W. side of Kennebec river, 6 miles S. from Augusta and 4 below Hallowell. It is located at the head of large navigation, and in regard to its commerce, manufacturing and agricultural interests, it is considered one of the most flourishing towns in Maine. It was incorporated in 1803, and was named in honor of Dr. Sylvester Gardiner, one of the proprietors of the old Plymouth patent.

The Cobbessecontee waters meet the Kennebec river at this place, and produce a water power of great usefulness and extent. Here are mills for sawing lumber of all dimensions, and here are vessels of from 80 to 120 tons burthen, lading it for transportation to its various markets. Here are also manufactures of various other kinds. This town, Hallowell and Augusta, lie in a most favored section of our country. What we have said in regard to the location of Hallowell and Augusta, may be applied to Gardiner. These towns are on the same side of a noble river, united by the same interests and feelings, and will soon be connected by a rail-road passing between them. The village of Gardiner is very pleasant. The business part lying on the river, is full of activity and enterprise. The buildings, on a gentle rise from the river, are beautifully located. They command a delightful prospect, and some of them are of superior architecture. Population, 1837, 3,709. The present population is about 5,000.

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