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Gardner, Massachusetts

Worcester county. Otter river, a considerable stream, a branch of Miller's river, rises partly in this town, and affords good mill seats. On this river is some good intervale land; the high lands are rough, but good for grazing. The value of palm-leaf hats, straw bonnets, chairs, cabinet and wooden wares, leather, boots and shoes, manufactured in one year, amounted to $132,272. The cabinet ware and chairs amounted to $109,000. Gardner was incorporated in 1785, and lies 54 miles N.W. by W. from Boston and 23 N.W. by N. from Worcester. Population, 1837, 1,276.

A church was formed here in 1786, and the Rev. Jonathan Osgood was ordained. He died in 1825, after sustaining the vocations of pastor, physician and school master, 30 years.

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