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Nahant, Massachusetts

This celebrated watering place is a part of the beautiful town of Lynn. It is a peninsula, jutting out about 5 miles into Massachusetts bay, and forms Lynn bay on the south. From Boston to Nahant hotel, on the eastern point of the peninsula, by land, is 14 miles; from the centre of Lynn, 5; and from Salem 9 miles. On the N.E. side of this peninsula is a beach of great length and smoothness. It is so hard that a horse's foot-steps are scarcely visible; and, from half-tide to low water, it affords a ride of superior excellence. Much may be said in praise of Nahant without exaggeration. Its formation, situation, and rugged shore, excites the curiosity of all, and many thousands annually visit it for health, or pleasure.

It is only 10 miles N.E. from Boston, by the steam-boats, continually plying in summer months; at this place are good fishing and fowling, excellent accommodations: the ocean scenery is exceedingly beautiful in fair weather, and truly sublime in a storm.

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