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Queechy River, Vermont

Sometimes called Waterqueechy, rises in Sherburne, runs nearly east to the south part of Bridgewater; thence through Woodstock into the south part of Hartford, and thence southeast through the northeast corner of Hartland into Connecticut river, about two miles above Queechy falls. In Bridgewater it receives two considerable branches, namely, north branch, which rises in the north part of this township from the north, and south branch, which rises in Plymouth, from the south, both considerable mill streams. In Woodstock it receives two other branches of considerable size; one rising in the northeast corner of Bridgewater and southeast corner of Barnard, falls into Queechy river from the north just below the north village in Woodstock, or "Woodstock Green," the other rising in the south part of Woodstock, passes through both the villages in that town, and empties into it from the south just above the mouth of the last mentioned stream. Both these streams afford excellent mill seats. Queechy river in its course receives numerous other tributaries of less note. It is a clear and lively stream, with a gravel or stony bottom. This stream is about 35 miles in length and waters about 212 square miles.

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