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Barnard, Vermont

Windsor county. First settled, 1774. Incorporated, 1778. Population, 1830, 1,881. It is watered by Broad Brook which empties into White river in Sharon; and by Locust Creek, which also empties into White river in Bethel. On this Creek, during the revolutionary war, there was erected a Fort, where the militia of this and other towns were stationed as a defence against Indian depredations—they having surprised and carried to Canada number of its first settlers in 1780. In the centre of this town is the village, and a beautiful pond, from which issues a stream on which there are mills. On this Creek is an establishment for the manufacture of starch from potatoes. This stream joins its waters with the Creek one mile from the pond. The surface of the town is hilly. The soil is well adapted for grazing; and there are but few towns that turn off yearly more cattle, butter and cheese, sheep and wool. The number of sheep is about 6,000. It lies 10 miles north of Woodstock, and 40 miles south of Montpelier.

It is stated as a singular fact, that the firing on Bunker Hill, on the 17th of June, 1775, was distinctly heard in this town, 130 miles N.W. from Charlestown.

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