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Dalton, New Hampshire

Coos county, lies between Lancaster and Littleton, on Connecticut river, and is 110 miles N. by W. from Concord. The Great, or Fifteen Mile Falls, on Connecticut river, commence in Dalton and rush tumultuously along its northwest boundary. The town is also watered by John's river and several large brooks. The western and southern parts of this town are hilly. Along the borders of John's river the majestic white pine abounds. The soil on the highlands is deep, and well adapted to grazing—is generally good, and in some parts easy of cultivation. Blake's pond, the only one in town, lies at the S.E. corner. Moses Blake and Walter Bloss were the first settlers of Dalton, and, with their families, for a long time the only inhabitants. Dalton was incorporated Nov. 4, 1784. Population, 1830, 532.

Blake was a famous hunter, and the moose which frequented the pond called by his name often fell by the accuracy of his shots. Blake and Capt. Bucknam, (one of the first settlers of Lancaster,) on a hunting excursion, fired at a mark, on a small bet. Bucknam fired first, and cut, at the distance of twenty rods, near the center of a mark not larger than a dollar. Blake then fired, and on going to the tree on which the mark was made, no trace of the ball could be discovered. Bucknam exulted: "Cut out your ball," said Blake, "and you'll find mine o'top on't." The operation being performed, the two balls were found, the one safely lodged upon the other.

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