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Tamworth, New Hampshire

Strafford county. This town is situated on the post road from Concord to Portland, about 58 miles from each, and 30 N. from Gilford.

There is no mountain situated wholly in this town. On the N. are the mountains of Albany, and the S. the line crosses a part of Ossipee mountain. The mountains to the N. have a romantic and picturesque appearance. The town lies in ridges and valleys, generally rocky and fertile. The principal rivers are Bearcamp, which passes through the town in an easterly direction and discharges its waters into Ossipee lake; Swift river, which rises near the N.W. corner of the town, and passing through its centre, mingles its waters with the Bearcamp; and Conway river, proceeding from Conway pond, near Albany; and crossing the S. line of Tamworth, near the S.E. corner of the town, near which it empties into Bearcamp river. By these rivers, and other small streams, the town is uncommonly well watered. On these streams is a great number of excellent mill privileges. Tamworth was granted in 1766, and was settled in 1771. Population, 1830, 1,554.

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