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Gilford, New Hampshire

One of the four shire towns for Strafford county, is situated on the S. side of Winnepisiogee lake. This town lies 26 miles N.N.E. from Concord and 48 N.W. from Portsmouth. The soil is generally productive. There are two ponds in this town, Little and Chattleborough. Gunstock and Mile's rivers, rising in Suncook mountains and flowing N. into the lake, are the principal streams. The N. source of the Suncook river is on the S. of these mountains, which extend in a lofty pile over the E. part of the town, from Gilmanton line nearly to the lake. There are seven islands in the lake, belonging to Gilford, one of which has been connected to the main land by a bridge 30 rods in length. This town, which was formely a part of Gilmanton, was incorporated June 16, 1812. It was settled in 1778.—Here are manufactories of cotton goods, besides other useful mills and machinery. Four bridges across the Winnepisiogee connect the town with Meredith. The village at this place is thriving and pleasant. Population, 1830, 1,872.

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