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Swift Rivers, New England

Swift river, in Maine, is a branch of the Androscoggin, from the N. These rivers unite at Mexico.

Swift river, in New Hampshire, rises among the mountains in the ungranted lands N.W. of Albany, and passes through the town from west to east with great rapidity, and falls into the Saco at Conway. Its whole course is rapid, and in one place it falls 30 feet in the distance of 6 rods through a channel in the solid rock of about 12 feet wide—the sides being from 10 to 30 feet perpendicular height. At the upper part of these falls, are found several circular holes worn perpendicularly to the rock, several feet in depth and from 6 inches to 2 feet in diameter. There is another small river in Tamworth of the same name.

Swift river, in Massachusetts, rises in a pond in New Salem; it passes through the towns of Prescott, Greenwich, and Belchertown, and joins the Chickopee at Palmer.

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