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Ossipee, New Hampshire

Strafford county, is 60 miles N.N.E. from Concord, and about 15 miles N.E. from Gilford, across Winnepisiogee lake. Ossipee mountain, a rough and broken range, lies in the N.W. part of Ossipee, extending into the adjoining towns. It is 6 or 8 miles in length, and is so elevated that in easterly storms the winds break over the summits, frequently causing much injury to the farms, and buildings at its base. Ossipee lake is in this town, and Freedom: it is a fine body of water, of an oval form, covering about 7,000 acres, having no island, and its waters clear and beautiful. Ossipee river flows from this lake, from whence it passes through Freedom into the Saco, in Maine. Pine river passes through the E. part of Ossipee, and Bear-camp river falls into the lake on the N.W. There are several ponds in Ossipee, the largest of which lies partly in Tuftonborough, and is about 400 rods long. Bear pond in the S.E. part, has no visible outlet. Near the W. shore of Ossipee lake is a mound of earth 45 or 50 feet in diameter, of a circular form, and about 10 feet high, from which have been taken several entire skeletons, and also tomahawks, &c. exhibiting the strongest evidence that the tribe once so powerful in this vicinity had their principal residence here. Ossipee was incorporated, Feb. 22, 1785. Population, 1830, 1,935.

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