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Tuftonborough, New Hampshire

Strafford county, is about 50 miles E. by N. from Concord, situated on the N.E. shore of Winnepisiogee lake; bounded N.E. by Ossipee, S.E. by Wolfeborough, S.W. and W. by the lake, and N.W. by Moultonborough.

There are several ponds in this town, together with many small streams running into the lake. There are several arms of the lake stretching far into the town, and presenting to the spectator, from the elevated parts of the town, a succession of beautiful views.

Tuftonborough was originally granted to J. Tufton Mason, and took its name from him. It was settled about 1780 and incorporated in 1795. Population, 1830, 1,375.

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