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Wolfeborough, New Hampshire

Strafford county. This town is 45 miles N.N.W. from Portsmouth and 45 N.E. from Concord. It is bounded S.E. by Brookfield and New Durham, S.W. by Winnepisiogee lake and Alton, N.E. by Ossipee, and N.W. by Tuftonborough.

The soil is rocky, but productive, and the face of the country level. The wood is principally oak and other hard timber. The only river is Smith's, so called from a hunter of that name; it issues from a large pond of the same name in the S.E. part of the town, and discharges its waters into the lake. There are four other ponds of considerable magnitude, called Crooked, Rust's, Barton's, and Sargent's ponds. There is a bridge over Smith's river about 60 feet long, near its entrance into the lake. Near this bridge is a pleasant village.

The charter of Wolfeborough was granted in 1770, to Gov. John Wentworth, Mark H. Wentworth, and others. Gov. Wentworth, distinguished for his enterprise and taste, and a fondness for agricultural improvements, erected a splendid mansion about 5 miles east of the bridge, and made it his summer residence.

At the foot of a hill, near one of the ponds in this town, is a mineral spring, the waters of which are of a quality similar to those of Saratoga, but not so strongly impregnated. Population, 1830, 1,928.

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