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Alton, New Hampshire

Strafford county. This town lies 22 miles N.E. from Concord, and 25 N.W. from Dover, and is bounded N. by Winnepisiogee lake and bay. The town is rough and uneven; the soil hard and rocky, but productive when well cultivated. The growth of wood is chiefly oak, beech, maple, and pine. The principal elevations are Mount-Major and Prospect Hill. Merrymeeting bay extends S. about 1800 rods into this town, where it receives the waters of Merrymeeting river. Half-moon pond, between Alton and Barnstead, is 300 rods long and 150 wide. This town was originally called New Durham Gore, and was settled in 1770, by Jacob Chamberlain and others. It was incorporated Jan. 15, 1796. Population, in 1830, 1,993. This town has 2000 sheep.

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