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Barnstead, New Hampshire

Strafford county. This town lies 26 miles W. by N. from Dover, 36 N.W. from Portsmouth, and 20 N.E. from Concord. Incorporated 1767. Population, 1830, 2,047. Barnstead is not mountainous, but has large swells of land, good for grazing. About 2,500 sheep are kept here. The soil is easy and productive. There are several ponds in this town—the largest are the two Suncook ponds, which lie near each other, Brindle pond, and Half-moon pond, on Alton line. These waters are stocked with fish, and are discharged into the Suncook. Barnstead was granted May 20, 1727, to the Rev. Joseph Adams and others. Settlements commenced in 1767.

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