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Alstead, New Hampshire

Cheshire county, is 12 miles S.E. from Charlestown, 14 N. from Keene, and 50 W. by S. from Concord. This town is well watered by small streams. Cold river passes through the N.W. part; and some of the branches of Ashuelot river have their sources in this town. There are a number of ponds, the principal of which is Warren's pond;—length, 250 rods, breadth, 150. Perch and pickerel are here caught in great abundance. The soil is strong and productive, and the farms generally well cultivated. Manufactures flourish in this town, and great attention is paid to education. Alstead was originally called Newton, and was granted by charter, August 6, 1763, to Samuel Chase and 69 others. General Amos Shepard, who was for many years a member of the General Court of this state, and President of the Senate from 1797 to 1804, resided in this town, and was one of its principal inhabitants from 1777 to the time of his death, Jan. 1, 1812. By his persevering industry, his economy and correctness in business, and at the same time, by a rigid adherence to uprightness and integrity in his dealings with his fellow men, he acquired a handsome fortune, and was in many things a pattern worthy of imitation. Population, in 1830, 1,552. This town has 6000 sheep.

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