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Amesbury, Massachusetts

This town is situated on the N. side of Merrimack river in the county of Essex, 40 miles N.E. from Boston, 6 N.W. from Newburyport, and 7 N.E. from Haverhill. Population, 1837, 2,567. It was taken from Salisbury in 1668, and is separated from it by Powow river, a navigable stream for vessels of 300 tons. A pond covering about 1000 acres, back of the town, 90 feet above the sea, serves as a reservoir for a constant and extensive water power. The manufacture of flannel and satinet is very extensively pursued. The amount of those articles manufactured in the year ending April 1, 1837, was $425,000. Many vessels are built here of superior timber, and the manufacture of boots, shoes, leather, chairs, phaetons, gigs, and carryalls is very considerable. The total amount of the various manufactures of this place is about $500,000 annually. About half the population of the town is engaged in mechanical labor. Josiah Bartlett, M.D., one of the signers of the declaration of independence, was born here, in 1729. He died May 19, 1795.

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