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Haverhill, Massachusetts

Essex county. This ancient, respectable and flourishing manufacturing town, lies on the N. side of the Merrimack river, at the head of navigation, and united to Bradford by two beautiful bridges. It is 30 miles N. from Boston, 31 N.N.W. from Salem, 12 W. by S. from Newburyport, 18 N.E. from Lowell, 30 S.W. from Portsmouth, N.H., and 40 S.E. from Concord, N.H. Little river passing through the town affords affords a good hydraulic power, on which are manufacturing establishments of various kinds. The manufactures consist of woolen goods, leather, boots, shoes, hats, shovels, spades, forks, hoes, chairs, cabinet ware, combs, ploughs, tin ware, vessels, palm-leaf hats, shoe lasts, spirits, morocco leather, chaises and harnesses: total amount the year ending April 1, 1837, $1,357,526.

Haverhill is delightfully located, handsomely built, and has been the birth place and residence of many of the most valuable and distinguished citizens of New England. Haverhill is so situated as to command an extensive inland trade: it is easily approached from Boston by the Andover and Wilmington rail-road, which is extending to Exeter, N.H., and from thence to Maine.

Haverhill, the Indian Pentuckett, was first settled in 1641: it was a frontier settlement for nearly half a century and suffered great calamities by savage depredations.

It was incorporated in 1645.—Population, 1820, 3,070; 1830, 3,896; 1837, 4,726.

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