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Bradford, Massachusetts

Essex county. This is a very pleasant town on the south side of Merrimack river, and united to Haverhill by a bridge of 650 feet in length. The surface of the town is uneven and the soil various, but much of the land is of a superior quality. Several of the hills exhibit beautiful scenery. Bradford is celebrated for its excellent schools and seminaries of learning. Here are several ponds, good fishing, and a pleasant stream of water. Some bricks are made here, and considerable leather tanned; but the principal manufacture of the place is of boots and shoes, of which, during the year ending April 1, 1837, the value of $381,748 was made. Total amount of manufactures that year, $394,448. Hands employed, 1,096. Incorporated, 1675. Population, 1837, 2275. This town lies 28 miles N. from Boston, 10 W.S.W. from Newburyport, 18 N. by W. from Salem, and about 18 miles N.E. from Lowell. A branch of the Boston and Lowell rail-road passes through Bradford to Haverhill.

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