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Wilmington, Massachusetts

Middlesex county. The surface of this town is generally level, with a light and sandy soil. The wood is chiefly pine, and much charcoal is made. This kind of soil, although unfit for the generality of crops, is well adapted for the growth of hops, of which large quantities, of a fine quality, are produced in Wilmington, and which frequently afford the cultivator a large profit.

During the period of 32 years, 1806-1837, inclusive, there were inspected at Charlestown, Mass., 76,860 bags of hops, weighing 16,467,182 lbs. The price varied from 34 to 5 cents a pound. The highest price was in 1817, the lowest, in 1819; average price, 13 1/5 cents. Total value, $2,169,430.

The town is watered by a branch of Ipswich river: the Middlesex canal passes through it, and adds much to the beauty of its scenery. Wilmington was incorporated in 1730. It is 14 miles N.N.W. from Boston and 10 S.E. by E. from Lowell. Population, 1837, 795.

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