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Wilmot, New Hampshire

Merrimack county. Wilmot is 30 miles N.W. from Concord, and 87 from Boston. The streams forming Blackwater river have their origin in the vicinity of Wilmot. They afford a number of good mill seats. The 4th N.H. turnpike from Concord to Hanover passes through this town. It was made in 1803, through an entire forest, without any inhabitants for 14 miles above, and about 6 miles below, Wilmot. The land near the turnpike appears rude and barren; but the acclivities on either side are susceptible to cultivation. The town is composed of hills and valleys, presenting a rough surface. There are no large collections of water, nor any mountains, excepting Kearsarge, whose summit forms the southern boundary. It was incorporated June 18, 1807. It received its name in honor of Dr. Wilmot, an Englishman, who, at one time, was supposed to be the author of the celebrated letters of Junius. Population, 1830, 835.

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