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Newbury, New Hampshire

Merrimack county. This town was originally called Dantzick; it was incorporated by the name of Fishersfield, in 1778, and took its present name, in 1837. It lies 40 miles N.W. by W. from Amherst and 30 W. by N. from Concord. The S. part of Sunapee lake lies in the N.W. part. Todd pond, 500 rods in length, and 60 in width, affords a small branch to Warner river.—From Chalk pond issues a small stream communicating with Sunapee lake. The land is generally mountainous, and the soil hard and rocky. The first settlement in this town was made in the year 1762, by Zephaniah Clark, Esq. Population, 1830, 798.

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