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Springfield, New Hampshire

Sullivan county. This town is bounded N. by Grafton, E. by Wilmot, S.E. by New London, S. by Wendell and Croydon, W. by Croydon and Grantham. It lies 35 miles N.W. from Concord, and 13 N.E. from Newport. A branch of Sugar river has its source in this town; and also a branch of the Blackwater river. The former empties into the Connecticut, the latter into the Merrimack. There are several ponds, viz. Station pond, about 250 rods long, 140 wide; Cilley pond, 240 rods long, and about 80 wide; Star, Stony, and Morgan's ponds. The land is rough and stony. This town was granted in 1769, by the name of Protectworth. Its first settlement commenced in 1772. It was incorporated by the name of Springfield, 1794. Population, 1830, 1,202.

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