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Grantham, New Hampshire

Sullivan county, is bounded N. by Enfield, E. by Springfield, S. by Croydon, and W. by Plainfield, which separates it from Connecticut river. It is 12 miles S.E. from Dartmouth college and 45 N.W. from Concord. There are 7 or 8 ponds, the largest of which lies in the S.E. part of the town and is called Eastman's pond, containing nearly 300 acres. Another, lying near the centre of the town, contains nearly 200 acres. Croydon mountain extends through the westerly part of Grantham in a direction from S.W. to N.E. The soil is productive, especially on the W. side of the mountain. It seems to be more favorable for wheat than any other species of grain. The mountain affords good pasturage, and the lower land yields grass in abundance. On the E. side of the mountain is a spring supposed to possess medicinal qualities, visited by hundreds of valetudinarians in the summer season. On the summit of Croydon mountain is a natural pond, containing about 50 acres. This town was first granted July 11, 1761, but the proprietors not fulfilling the conditions of the charter, it was forfeited. In 1767 it was regranted to Col. William Symmes and 63 others, by the name of Grantham. Incorporated in 1761. Population, in 1830, 1,079.

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