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Plainfield, New Hampshire

Sullivan county, lies on Connecticut river. It is 12 miles S. from Dartmouth college, and N.W. 55 from Concord. There is considerable valuable intervale on Connecticut river, and in other parts are excellent meadows. There are two ponds. At the S.W. part of this town, in Connecticut river, is Hart's island, which contains 19 acres.—Waterqueechy falls are in this town. A bridge was erected here in 1807. A small stream, flowing from Croydon mountains, waters the town.—Plainfield has a pleasant village, situated on a handsome plain, and through the centre of which the street passes N. and S. On a pleasant eminence in Meriden parish is located "The Union Academy," incorporated June 16, 1813. It is endowed with a permanent found of $40,000, the liberal bequest of the late Hon. Daniel Kimball, the interest of which, as directed by his last will, is to be applied as follows, viz.: $150 annually to the support of a Calvinistic preacher, and the remainder for the instruction of pious young men for the ministry. This seminary is in a flourishing condition. Plainfield was granted in 1761, and was settled in 1764. Population, 1830, 1,581.

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