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Sullivan County, New Hampshire

Newport, chief town. This county is bounded N. by Grafton county, E. by Merrimack and a part of Hillsborough counties, S. by Cheshire county, and W. by Connecticut river, or the state of Vermont. It was taken from Cheshire county in 1827 and contains an area of about 533 square miles. Population, 1830, 19,687. Population to a square mile, 37. The surface of the county is elevated, but not mountainous: Croydon mountain is the highest.

Along the streams, particularly on Connecticut river, the soil is rich and exceedingly productive. The uplands produce good grain, and afford excellent pasturage for cattle, of which many are reared for market. Although this is the smallest county in the state; in 1837, it had 71,076 sheep, whose wool, being partly Saxony, would average as good as a full blood Merino.

Besides the Connecticut, which waters its whole western frontier, the Ashuelot, Cold, Sugar, Little Sugar rivers, and other streams furnish the county with an abundant water power, and Sunapee Lake and numerous ponds give beauty to its otherwise varied and picturesque scenery.

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