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Sullivan, Maine

Hancock county. This maritime town is situated at the head of Frenchman's bay, 93 miles E. from Augusta, and 17 E. by S. from Ellsworth. Population, 1837, 611. Sullivan has mill privileges, and is finely located for ship building and other branches of business connected with navigation.

This town was incorporated in 1789, and received its name in honor of John Sullivan, LL.D., a major general in the revolutionary war; afterwards member of congress, president of New Hampshire, and district Judge of the U.S. Court. He was born in Maine, and died in New Hampshire, 1795.

James Sullivan, LL.D., a brother of Gen. Sullivan, was born at Berwick, in 1744. He early espoused the cause of his country, and sustained the offices of member of the provincial congress, attorney general, and governor of Massachusetts, with great talents and faithfulness.

He died while governor, in 1808, at a period of great political excitement, honored and beloved by all parties.

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