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Goshen, New Hampshire

Sullivan county, is bounded N. by Newport and Wendell, E. by Newbury, S. by Washington, and W. by Lempster and Unity. It is 42 miles W. by N. from Concord. Croydon turnpike passes through Goshen. From Sunapee mountain, lying in the E. part of this town, spring many small streams, which unite in forming Sugar river. Rand's pond is in the N.E. part of the town. The soil is particularly calculated for the production of grass. It was incorporated Dec. 27, 1791. The first settlement was made about the year 1769, by Capt. Benjamin Rand, William Lang, and Daniel Grindle, whose sufferings and hardships were very great. The crops of the first settlers were greatly injured, and sometimes entirely destroyed by early frosts. In such cases they procured grain from Walpole and other places. At a certain time of scarcity Capt. Rand went to that place after grain, and being detained by a violent snow storm, his family was obliged to live without provision for six days, during which time Mrs. Rand sustained one of his children, 5 years old, by the milk from her breast, having a short time before buried her infant child. Population, in 1830, 772.

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