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Claremont, New Hampshire

Sullivan county, is 12 miles N. from Charlestown, 8 W. from Newport, 47 N.N.W. from Concord, and 97 W.N.W. from Portsmouth. This town is watered by Connecticut and Sugar rivers, besides numerous brooks and rivulets. Claremont is a fine undulating tract of territory, covered with a rich gravelly loam, converted into the best meadows and pastures. The hills are sloping acclivities, crowned with elegant summits. The intervales on the rivers are rich and luxuriant. The agricultural products are large and valuable. The houses and buildings present a very favorable appearance, and indicate the wealth and prosperity of the town. In this town are a number of manufactories of cloth, paper, leather, &c. Claremont was granted in 1764.—In this town are fine beds of iron ore and limestone. It received its name from the country seat of Lord Clive, an English general. The first settlement was made in 1762, by Moses Spafford and David Lynde. Many eminent men have resided in this town. The Hon. Caleb Ellis came to reside in Claremont about 1800. In 1804 he was chosen a member of congress from this state; in 1809 and 1810, a member of the executive council; in 1812, an elector of president and vice-president of the U.S. In 1813, he was appointed judge of the superior court, in which office he remained till his death, May 9, 1816, aged 49. Population, 1830, 2,526.

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