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Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Portsmouth and Exeter are the chief towns. The county of Rockingham is bounded N. and N.E. by Strafford county; E. by the Atlantic, from the mouth of Piscataqua river to the line of Massachusetts; W. by the counties of Merrimack and Hillsborough. Its greatest breadth, from the west corner of Chester to the extremity of Rye, is about 30 miles. It comprises an area of 695 square miles. There are no remarkable elevations in this county; the surface, however, is uneven, and in the north part, from the higher eminences, there are some very fine views of the surrounding country. The highest point is Saddleback mountain in Northwood and Deerfield. The rivers are the Lamprey, Exeter, Beaver, and Spiggot, which water the east and southeast parts of the county. Great Bay, between Newington and New Market, and connecting with the Piscataqua, is the largest collection of water. Massabesick pond or lake is principally in Chester and is picturesque from its numerous islands and the surrounding elevations. The other principal ponds are Islandy, in Hampstead, Country, in Kingston, and Pleasant in Deerfield.

The soil of this county having been longer cultivated than that of any other county in the state, is very productive; and agricultural pursuits have been very successful. In 1837 there were 23,333 sheep in the county. The population, in 1820, was 40,526; and in 1830, 44,552. Population to a square mile, 64.

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