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Northwood, New Hampshire

Rockingham county. There are a number of ponds in this town, and excellent fishing. Suncook pond, 750 rods long, 100 wide; Jenness' pond, 300 rods long, 50 wide; Harvey's pond, 200 rods long, from 40 to 80 wide; a part of Great Bow pond is also in this town, and a part of North river pond; Pleasant pond, and Little Bow pond. The north branch of Lamprey river has its rise in this town near Saddleback mountain, a high ridge between this town and Deerfield. On the E. side of this ridge are found crystals and crystalline spars of various colors and sizes. This town has an elevated site, and commands a distant and varied prospect. The waters flowing from the farm of the late Jonathan Clarke, Esq., one of the first settlers, fall into three different rivers, the Suncook, Lamprey, and Isinglass. The soil of this town is generally moist, and well suited to grazing. Northwood was originally a part of Nottingham, and was settled in 1763. Northwood is 20 miles E. from Concord, 20 N.W. from Exeter, and about the same distance from Dover. Population, 1830, 1,342.

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