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Newington, New Hampshire

Rockingham county. The soil is generally sandy and unproductive, excepting near the waters, where it yields good crops of grain and grass. At Fox point, in the N.W. part of the town, Piscataqua bridge is thrown over the river to Goat island, and thence to Durham shore. The bridge was erected in 1793, is 2,600 feet long, and 40 wide; cost $65,401. Newington was originally a part of Portsmouth and Dover, and was early settled. It was dis-annexed, and incorporated in July, 1764.

Newington was among the settlements early exposed to the ravages of the Indians. In May, 1690, a party of Indians, under a sagamore of the name of Hoophood, attacked Fox point, destroyed several houses, killed 14 persons, and took 6 prisoners. They were immediately pursued by the inhabitants, who recovered some of the captives and a part of the plunder, after a severe action in which Hoophood was wounded.

Newington is 42 miles E.S.E. from Concord and 5 W. from Portsmouth. Population, 1830, 549.

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