Great-Bays, NH: population, rivers, lakes, mountains, resorts, hotels, motels, inns, and landmarks.

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Great-Bays, New Hampshire

The largest is that lying E. from New Market, formed by the united waters of Swamscot, Winnicut, and Lamprey rivers. It is 4 miles wide, and at some seasons is picturesque as connected with the surrounding scenery. This bay has Newington on the E., Greenland and Stratham on the S., and New Market and Durham W.; its waters pass N.E. through Little bay, where Oyster river unites with the current which passes into the Piscataqua.

Great-Bay, between Sanbornton and Meredith, is a body of water connected with Winnepisiogee lake, and discharging its waters into Winnepisiogee river. Round and Long bays are situated between the lake and Great Bay, and there are two small bays on the river below.

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