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Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Berkshire county. A very pleasant town in the valley of Housatonick river, 125 miles W. by S. from Boston and 14 S. from Lenox. Incorporated, 1761. Population, 1837, 2,440. Monument mountain, in this town, is quite lofty: it presents some wild and picturesque scenery. Here are good iron ore, beautifully variegated marble, and a good mill stream. The soil on the banks of the Housatonick is fertile and the uplands are well adapted for grazing. The manufactures consist of cotton and woolen goods, boots, shoes, leather, hats, pig iron, lasts, tin ware, bevils and guages. Total amount of manufactures in one year, $122,369. This town the same year (1837) produced 2,657 fleeces of merino wool, valued at $3,321.

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