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Winnepisiogee River, New Hampshire

Is the great outlet of the lake of that name, and issues from the southwest arm of the lake. It thence passes through two bays between Meredith and Gilford, entering Great Bay in the northeast part of Sanbornton. From thence it passes through two other bays, forming the boundary between Sanbornton on the northwest, and Gilmanton and Northfield on the southeast; and unites with the Pemigewasset a short distance below Webster's falls. The stream is rapid in its course, and has a fall of 232 feet from the lake to its junction with the other branch of the Merrimack: this name being given to the confluent stream.—There are numerous bridges over the Winnepisiogee; which also furnishes many excellent privileges for factories or other machinery. See Merrimack River.

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