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Northfield, New Hampshire

Merrimack county, is bounded N. by Winnepisiogee river, and W. by the Merrimack. It is 14 miles N. from Concord and 10 W. by S. of Gilmanton. The soil here is in some parts good—that of the best quality lies on the two ridges extending through the town. Chesnut pond lies in the east part of the town, and its waters flow into the Winnepisiogee three miles from its junction with the Pemigewasset.—Sondogardy pond flows into the Merrimack. Near Webster's falls, the Winnepisiogee falls into the Pemigewasset, and the united streams form the Merrimack river. The principal elevation, called Bean hill, separates the town from Canterbury. Northfield formerly possessed valuable water privileges on the Winnepisiogee river, but this portion of its territory is embraced by the new town of Franklin.—The first settlement was made here in 1760, by Benjamin Blanchard and others. A methodist church was formed here in 1806. Incorporated Jun. 19, 1780. Population, 1830, 1,169.

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