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Killingly, Connecticut

Windham county. This town lies 45 miles E. from Hartford, 25 W. from Providence, R.I., and 5 N.E. from Brooklyn. First settled in 1700. The first white person known to have been buried here was Mr. Neil Alexander's great-grand-mother. (See Alexander's Lake.) This town is rough and hilly, but there is a great deal of beauty about it, and its history is full of romantic stories relating to the first settlers and the red men. The town is well watered by the Quinnebaugh and its branches. There are three villages, Pleasant Valley, Daysville, and Danielsonville, all pleasant and flourishing manufacturing places. They contain 14 cotton and 3 woolen mills, a furnace, an axe factory, and other mechanical operations. Killingly contains excellent quarries of freestone and of a slate rock resembling granite, soft, and easily wrought; also of a slate rock composed of granular quartz, almost white. A rich bed of porcelain clay is found on Mashentuck hill, said to equal French or Chinese clay. Population, 1836, 4,000.

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