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Windham County, Connecticut

Brooklyn is the county town. This county is uniformly hilly, yet no part of it is mountainous or very elevated. The prevailing soil is a primitive gravelly loam. The greatest portion of the county is stony and considerably rough, and the lands generally best adapted for grazing, and many sections afford some of the richest dairy farms in the state. The Quinnebaug and Shetucket, with their branches, intersect this county, and afford many valuable water privileges for mills and manufacturing purposes. The valley of the Quinnebaug river comprises the best land in the county. The inhabitants of this county are more extensively engaged in the manufacturing business than in any other county in the state. Cotton and woolen goods are the principal articles manufactured.

Windham county originally belonged to the counties of Hartford and New London. It was incorporated as a county in May, 1726.

The county is bounded N. by Massachusetts; E. by Rhode Island; S. by the county of New London, and W. by Tolland county. It contains an area of about 620 square miles. Population, 1810, 28,611; 1820, 31,684; 1830, 27,077. Population to a square mile, 44. In 1837, there were 26,017 sheep in Windham county.

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