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New London County, Connecticut

New London and Norwich are the county towns. New London county is bounded N. by Windham, Tolland, and Hartford counties, E. by Windham county and the state of Rhode Island, S. by Long Island Sound, and W. by the county of Middlesex. Its average length from E. to W. averages about 26 miles, and it has a medium breadth of about 20 miles. This county possesses superior maritime advantages, having an extensive border on Long Island Sound, which affords numerous bays, inlets and harbors. Excepting a small section, principally in the town of Lyme, no portion of the county can be considered as mountainous, but it is generally hilly and elevated, and comprises a small proportion of alluvial. The hills and elevated tracts are considerably rough and stony. The lands in general are not adapted to grain culture, although upon the intervales and other tracts Indian corn is raised to advantage, and to a considerable extent. the principal agricultural interests depend very much upon grazing. The waters of the county are abundant and valuable. On the south it is washed more than thirty miles by Long Island Sound, part of its western border by Connecticut river, and the interior of the county is watered and fertilized by the Thames and its branches. The fishing business is more extensively carried on in this county than in any other section of the state, and is an important branch of industry. The manufacturing business is carried on to considerable extent in the northern part of the county, and is increasing.

In 1837, this county contained 41,387 sheep. Population, in 1820, 35,943; 1830, 42,201: 81 inhabitants to a square mile. The tonnage of the district of New London, in 1837, was 41,626 tons.

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