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, Connecticut

Hartford is the chief town. This county is bounded N. by Hampden county, Mass., E. by Tolland county, S. by the counties of Middlesex and New Haven, and W. by the county of Litchfield. This is considered the most important and valuable county in the state in regard to the variety and richness of its soil, and the high state of culture it has attained. It was constituted in 1666, since which, Tolland county and parts of Middlesex, Windham, Litchfield, and New London have been detached. Its present limits comprise an area of about 727 square miles. Besides the Connecticut, which traverses its whole length, the Farmington, Hackanum, Podunk, Scantic, and other streams, water the county in almost every direction. On these streams important manufacturing establishments have sprung up, and unite with the agricultural interest and river trade in rendering this county the centre of a large and flourishing business. In 1837 there were in this county 29,576 sheep. Population, 1820, 47,261; 1830, 51,141: 70 inhabitants to a square mile.