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Hampden County, Massachusetts

Springfield is the chief town. This county is very fertile and well cultivated, and in common with all the counties on Connecticut river, it presents a rich array of delightful scenery. Its rivers afford an abundant water power, and this county has become noted for its various and extensive manufactures. Much inland trade is brought to the banks of the Connecticut, and large exports are made from this county, the product both of the soil and mechanical labor. This county was taken from Hampshire in 1812. Population, 1820, 28,021; 1830, 31,640; 1837, 33,627. Area, 585 square miles. Bounded S. by Tolland and Hartford counties, Connecticut; W. by Berkshire county; N. by Hampshire county, and E. by Worcester county: 57 inhabitants to a square mile. The Connecticut, Westfield, Chickopee, and Quinebaugh are its chief rivers.

The value of the manufactures of this county, the year ending April 1, 1837, was $3,056,302. The value of wool, the product of 29,950 sheep, was 444,786.

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