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Litchfield County, Connecticut

Litchfield, county town. This is the largest and most elevated county in the state. The surface is hilly and in some parts mountainous. The soil is chiefly a gravelly loam, under good cultivation, and very productive of butter, cheese, beef and pork. It abounds in iron ore, which is extensively manufactured. This county contains an area of 885 square miles. Population, 1820, 41,467; 1830, 42,855; containing 48 inhabitants to a square mile. This county is watered by numerous ponds, by the beautiful Housatonick, and by many rivers rising in the high grounds. The streams give a valuable water power, and flourishing manufacturing establishments are found in almost every town. The number of sheep in this county, in 1837, was 73,832. Litchfield county was incorporated in 1751. It is bounded N. by Berkshire county, Mass., E. by Hartford and New Haven counties, S. by the counties of New Haven and Fairfield, and W. by the state of New York.

¶ In more modern times, small deposits of gold have been found in several streams in Litchfield County.

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