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Litchfield, New Hampshire

Hillsborough county, is a small fertile township on the E. bank of Merrimack river. It is 8 miles E. from Amherst and 30 S. by E. from Concord. This town has an excellent soil. There are two ferries, Thornton's, near the meeting house, on the post road from Amherst to Portsmouth; and Read's, 3 miles above.

Litchfield was taken from Dunstable, in 1734. It was originally known by the Indian name of Natticott, and by the English one of Brenton's Farm. The settlement commenced about 1720.

The Hon. Wyseman Clagett closed his life in this town. He was a native of England, came to this country before the revolution commenced, and sustained several important offices. He was attorney general under the provincial and state governments, and filled the office with dignity and honor. Population, 1830, 505.

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