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Kilkenny, New Hampshire

Coos county. This place was granted in 1774 and contained, in 1830, but 27 inhabitants. They are poor, and for aught that appears to the contrary, must always remain so, as they may be deemed actual trespassers on that part of creation destined by its author for the residence of bears, wolves, moose, and other animals of the forest. An exception, however, may possibly be made in favor of a narrow strip of land along the S. boundary of the town. Pilot and Willard's mountains, so called from a dog and his master, cover a considerable part of this town. Willard, a hunter, had been lost two or three days on these mountains, on the east side of which his camp was situated. Each day he observed his dog Pilot left him, as he supposed in pursuit of game; but towards the night he would constantly return. Willard being, on the second or thrid day, nearly exhausted with fatigue and hunger, put himself under the guidance of his dog, who is a short time conducted him in safety to his camp.

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