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Kent, Connecticut

Litchfield county. First settled, 1738. Incorporated, 1739. Population, 1830, 2,001. Kent is 50 miles W. from Hartford, 50 N.W. from New Haven, and 15 W. from Litchfield. This is a mountainous township, with some fine land on the banks of the Housatonick, which passes through its western border. Good iron ore is found here. There are three furnaces in town but the manufacture of iron is not so extensive as formerly. The Housatonick, calm and still, winding gracefully at the foot of a high and rugged mountain, renders the scenery from the neat and quiet village, highly picturesque and beautiful.

"There is in this town," says Dr. Trumbull, "convincing evidence that it was a grand seat of the native inhabitants of this country, before Indians, who more lately inhabited it, had any residence in it. There are arrow heads, stone pots, and a sort of knives, and various kinds of utensils, frequently found by the English, of such curious workmanship as exceeds all the skill of any Indians since the English came to this country and became acquainted with them.—These were not only found when the town was first settled, but they are still found on the sides of the Housatonic river."

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