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Providence, Rhode Island

Chief town, Providence county. Roger Williams was the founder of this beautiful city. He was banished from the Massachusetts colony for maintaining that all denominations of christians were equally entitled to the protection of the civil magistrate; that the church of England was no true church; and that a patent from the king contained no title to the soil.

Providence is approached with great ease from almost every direction. The roads are generally excellent: that to Pawtucket is unequalled by any in New England. The Blackstone canal, after winding its course through a fertile and manufacturing country, from Worcester, Mass., terminates at tide water in the centre of the city. Steam boats, of superior construction and elegant accommodations, ply between this city and New York daily. Rail road cars between Boston and Stonington cross the lower part of the city several times a day, and steam boats and packets are continually passing to and from the several important towns on the shores of Narraganset and Mount Hope bays.

Providence lies at the head of ship navigation on Providence river, the most northern waters of Narraganset bay; 35 miles from the sea, 40 S.W. from Boston, 169 N.E. by E. from New York, and 396 N.E. from Washington. N. lat. 41°49'32", W. lon. 71°24'45".

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