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Piscataquoag River, New Hampshire

Is formed of two principal branches, one from Francestown, the other from Henniker and Deering, which unite and form the main stream near the W. line of Goffstown. It pursues a southeasterly course through Goffstown and the N.E. corner of Bedford, where it falls into Merrimack river.

Piscataquoag Village, on this river and near its mouth, is a thriving and pleasant village, situate in the N.E. part of Bedford. A handsome bridge is constructed over the Piscataquoag, in this village, 60 feet in length. Since the Union Canal commenced operation, the boating business to this place has been carried on with much success. On the S. side of the river, below this village, is a public landing place, extending to the Merrimack, and from this place lumber of all descriptions from the circumjacent country is conveyed down the river to market by rafts and boats to Newburyport, and through Middlesex canal to Charlestown and Boston. The rise and present flourishing appearance of this village is owing in a great measure to the enterprise and industry of William Parker and Isaac Riddle, esquires, who were the first to commence the mercantile business in this place.

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