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Goffstown, New Hampshire

Hillsborough county, is 12 miles N. by E. from Amherst and 16 S. from Concord. Piscataquog river, the tributary branches of which unite near the W. line of the town, runs through its centre in an E. direction, and falls into Merrimack river at Piscataquog village in Bedford. Large quantities of lumber are annually floated down this river to the Merrimack, and most of the mill privileges are derived from this valuable stream. There are two considerable elevations in the S.W. part of the town, which obtained from the Indians the names of Un-can-nu-nuc. On the rivers are considerable tracts of valuable intervale. Back from the rivers commence extensive plains, easy of cultivation, and producing abundant crops of Indian corn and rye. From these plains the land rises on each side of Piscataquog river into large swells. In this town there is an extensive cotton factory. The Goffstown Manufacturing Company are erecting a large woolen factory at a flourishing village, in the W. part of the town, on Piscataquog river. Population, 1830, 2,213.

Dr. Jonathan Gove, a man distinguished for his urbanity, his talents, and professional skill, resided in this town. He was one of the oldest practicioners of medicine in the county. He was many years an active member of the legislature.

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