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Bedford, New Hampshire

This is a pleasant town in Hillsborough county. It is 8 miles N.E. from Amherst, 20 S. by E. from Concord. Merrimack and Piscataquoag are the only rivers in this town. The latter passes through its N.E. corner, where there is the pleasant and flourishing village of Piscataquoag. This town has considerable very productive intervale land. It has been noted for the cultivation of hops and for its fine domestic manufactures. On the W. line of Bedford are a remarkable gulf and precipice, which are objects of curiosity. A considerable brook passes over the precipice, and falls about 200 feet within the distance of 100 yards. Here are found several excavations in solid stone, which are sufficiently large to contain many persons. In mineralogy, this town affords a great variety of specimens. Iron ore is found in different places, and in several varieties. Sulphuret of iron, imbedded in common granite, and red oxide of iron, combined with alumine, are common. Black lead, pyritous copper, schorl, hornblende, epidote, talc, mica, black, yellow, and green gneiss, crystalllized quartz, &c. are found here. The first child born in town was Silas Barron, son of Capt. Moses Barron, in 1741. The town was incorporated, May 19, 1750. Bedford was the residence of many Indians in former times. Near Goffe's falls is a spot of ground, about ten rods long and four wide, which is supposed to have been an Indian burial place. Population, 1830, 1,554.

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