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Piscataquis County, Maine

Dover, chief town. This county was incorporated, March 23, 1838. Its territory is thus described in the act of incorporation, to wit:

"That from and after the last day of April next, all that portion of territory lying north of the south lines of Parkman and Wellington, in the county of Somerset, and lying north of the north lines of the towns of Dexter, Garland, Charleston, Bradford, and south line of Kilmarnock, in the county of Penobscot; and bounded east by the east lines of Milton, Kilmarnock and townships numbered four in the eighth and ninth ranges; and thence bounded east by a line running north from the northeast corner of said township numbered four, in the ninth range, to the north line of the state; and bounded on the west by the west lines of Wellington, Kingsbury, Shirley, and township number two in the fifth range; and thence bounded west by a line running north from the northwest corner of said township number two, to the Kennebec river; thence up and by the southerly bank of said river to Moose Head lake; thence bounded westerly by the westerly margin of said lake, to the northwest angle of said lake—and thence bounded west by a line running north, to the north line of the state—be and the same is hereby constituted and made a county by the name of," &c.

This county is therefore bounded N.W. and N. by the British possessions in Lower Canada, E. by the county of Penobscot, S. by the counties of Penobscot and Somerset, and W. by Somerset county. There are numerous lakes and ponds in the county, the largest of which are the Moose Head, Chesuncook and Pemadumcook. The county is crossed by the Piscataquis, Penobscot and Walloomstook rivers, but most of its excellent mill streams, of which there are many, rise within the county, from its own natural sources. There are some considerable elevations, the largest of which is Katahdin Mountain. The character of the surface and soil of Piscataquis county is generally that of Penobscot and Somerset counties, from which it was taken.

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